The Llamas of ShangriLlama

Dalai Llama

King of the Castle Barn

 Dalai Llama

As the pack leader, Dalai Llama watches over all the other llamas, sleeping a mere 1.5 hours each night. He is known for his unusual blue eyes and for starring in a 2018 GameStop commercial as a “talking” llama, voiced over by Patrick Warburton who played Kronk in “Emperor’s New Groove.”

Barack O Llama

Prince of the Castle Barn

Barack O’Llama

This Presidential namesake serves as the faithful second-in-command to his pack leader. Affectionately known as “Barry,” he is a gorgeous llama with silky, shiny wool on his face and a crimp in his mane. Barack O’Llama can grow a thick, luxurious coat, which is, of course, shorn during the summer for his comfort.

Como T Llama

Duke of the Castle Barn

Como T. Llama

He is the largest llama at ShangriLlama—and the funniest. With a spotted coat, giant feet, and an eternal smile on his face, Como T. Llama delights in mischief on and off the trail. This goofy llama was cast as the lead in “Llama Cop,” a Starz Digital production.

Bahama Llama

Earl of the Castle Barn

Bahama Llama

As the most elegant llama in the pack, Bahama Llama walks with a lilt and poses expertly for his guests. He has earned three consecutive Grand National Champion titles for his show-ring prowess. Bahama Llama has posed for photos and selfies many times at The Statler Hotel in Dallas, which is a llama-themed property owned by Hilton Hotels.

Viscount of the Castle Barn

Pajama Llama

This jolly young fellow looks like he’s wearing pajamas! This llama is cute and oh-so curious! 

He is a bit shorter than his pack mates, but his unusual speed enables him to arrive first on the scene whenever “llama drama” takes place at ShangriLlama. 

Drama Llama

Baron of the Castle Barn

Drama Llama

Not to be confused with “llama drama,” this Appaloosa-spotted critter is a cross between a llama and an alpaca. He loves to sit and pose for photos.

Sir Lance-O-Llama

Knight of the Castle Barn

Sir Lance-O-Llama

Every castle needs its knight in shining armor, best known in classical literature as Sir Lancelot. ShangriLlama’s brave knight is a tall llama with silky ringlets flowing from head to toe. He charms every guest he meets!