Marriage Proposals and Re-Proposals at Castle Waterford

The proposal of marriage is considered one of the top three events in a person’s life. And re-proposals remind your loved one why he or she said “I do!” Here at Castle Waterford, our setting includes two castles, a heart-shaped pond, fairy tale statuary, a forested trail, plus a stable of beautiful llamas. We offer a private, ultra-romantic backdrop for proposals and re-proposals.

Proposal ideas at Castle Waterford:

A private, catered lunch inside the medieval wedding venue with musicians serenading you

A scavenger hunt around the castle grounds to include items your loved one adores

 A nature walk on the castle’s Enchanted Forest Trail

A private photo session with the castle llamas

A walk around the castle grounds, culminating in a proposal inside the Cinderella carriage

A visit with the llamas inside the castle barn, while a custom presentation of your favorite memories as a couple plays on the video screens

A walk on the castle trail with the parents or closest relatives of yours and your loved one. Propose marriage among rose petals and lanterns arranged in a heart shape.

Hire a photographer to take pictures of you both in front of the castle, the heart-shaped pond, the fairy tale statue and the forest trail.

Dress in Irish, medieval or fantasy costumes for professional photos around the castle grounds.

Take a Llama Walk on the castle trail with the friends and family you wish to invite to become your maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Begin Your Proposal Plan

The most thoughtful marriage proposals and re-proposals focus on the highlights of your relationship and your loved one’s favorite things. Begin by listing places you have enjoyed visiting together, interests you share, and what your loved one is passionate about. Then create the steps toward your proposal. For example:

Make reservations for your loved one to be pampered with hair, makeup and manicure appointments.

Deliver a wrapped box to your loved one at the salon, including a new outfit and a note to meet you for lunch at a favorite location.

At lunch, announce that you’ve arranged for a private visit at a castle.

Follow your pre-planned marriage proposal at the castle.

Take your loved one to dinner the evening of your proposal.

The staff at Castle Waterford would be honored to assist you in creating that magical moment to pop the question or to re-propose. Our packages for both marriage proposals and re-proposals start at $399 and are fully credited toward your wedding or vow renewal if it takes place here. Please Contact Us for more information.