Castle Waterford’s Preferred Vendors

Combine the services of your licensed outside vendors with
any number of Castle Waterford’s trusted, experienced preferred vendors:

Certified Wedding Planner

Two in-person planning meetings and unlimited scheduled phone conferences, in addition to unlimited e-mail and text consultation

A customized timeline of your pre-wedding details

Your wedding and reception schedule

Your reception floor plan

Coordination of your wedding rehearsal

Management of your wedding day’s flow & timing for eight hours

Liaison for your wedding party, guests, vendors and Castle Waterford


Wedding Officiant

An in-person meeting, followed by unlimited phone, e-mail and text consultation toward creation of your vows and ceremony plan

Attendance and direction of your wedding rehearsal and wedding ceremony

Filing of your marriage license



Filming for six and a half hours to capture pre-wedding, wedding and reception memories using two HD cameras

Delivery of an edited wedding and reception video plus a highlights video in 12 weeks



In-person consultation

Two photographers providing 6.5 hours of wedding & reception coverage

All of your edited images delivered in a digital gallery in 30 days.



 An in-person meeting to review “Must Play” and “Do Not Play” lists

A FaceTime call, monthly phone call updates, and a week-of-wedding status call

Creation of a music timeline

Up to six-hours of performance time at your wedding and reception

Color-changing uplighting & a personalized Gobo monogram projection 

with four-weeks notice


Photographer/DJ Package

Enjoy the photography & DJ services described above at a bundled price.

A $545 discount!



Choose from five meals:

Royal London Broil Dinner (plated)

Italian Buffet

Lemon-Pepper Chicken Dinner (plated)

Fajitas Buffet

Texas BBQ Buffet

Price-per-person includes buffet setup (or plated service),
table bussing, beverage refilling & end-of-reception cleaning!

$30 – $35 per-person

Service Attendants

Castle Waterford will provide service attendants for 5 hours if your outside caterer does not include buffet setup (or plated service), table bussing, beverage refilling & end-of-reception cleaning.

3 attendants – $300

4 attendants – $400

5 attendants – $500

Tablecloth and Napkin Rental

Lamour tablecloths & napkins in solid colors of your choice for round guest tables & rectangular service tables (provided)

50 people – $800 

 100 people – $1,115

150 people – $1,460

$175 people – $1,616

Wedding Cake

An elegant, tiered wedding cake, complete with a customized fondant silhouette of your choice draping the front of your cake

 52 people – $360

 130 people – $815

 202 people – $1,211

Please see our Llamas at Weddings page for details about including
Castle Waterford’s pedigreed llamas in your ceremony or cocktail hour!