Medieval Weddings

As you look out the ten-picture windows of Castle Waterford, you will be gazing upon a replica of an ancient castle with a medieval design. And what better way to celebrate this special, magical location than with a medieval-themed wedding and reception! Here are a few ideas that carry the medieval theme from pre-wedding celebrations through your reception!

At the bachelor party


A medieval food expert can teach the groom & groomsmen how to make mead or cheese, or a medieval craftsman can guide the men through the making of shields or learn the art of sword combat.

At the bachelorette party

A medieval arts & crafts expert can teach the bride & her bridesmaids how to use a spinning wheel, or how to make medieval necklaces, earrings or crowns.

As a family activity

The bride & groom’s families can meet to create a joint coat of arms pennant to place in the entryway at the wedding.

As the bride arrives

A cornet & town crier can proclaim the start of the wedding, and later, can introduce the new Mr. & Mrs.


After the first dance


 An instructor can teach guests a variety of medieval dances.

During the reception

Strolling minstrels can play music from the Renaissance, while jugglers and jesters entertain guests.

During the cocktail hour

Guests can be treated to a medieval festival, where an archery contest can take place, along with artisans providing hair wreaths, braiding, henna tattoos, face-painting, fantasy caricatures and heraldry data.

As a cocktail-hour option

Guests can take photos in medieval costumes provided by an Old Times Photo company.

For dinner

Serve your guests the Castle Waterford signature Medieval Meal, which is delivered on individual wooden bread boards.

This visually appealing meal consists of a wedge of artisan bread with a pot of honey-butter, a chunk of cheese, a mini cauldron of soup, a leafy green salad, and a hand pie.

If you have opted for the Alcohol Liability Contract, you can include honey-wine (mead), blackberry wine or spiced wine. 

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