Llama Weddings

A pampered pack of pedigreed llamas live in the castle barn and play in the field near the wedding venue.

 If you are an animal lover—and especially if you are a llama lover—you can include one or more of these friendly, safe, beautiful animals in your special day.

As a bonding activity, your entire wedding party can participate in a 2.5-hour Llama Walk on the private trail at Castle Waterford. You’ll each walk every llama in the pack and learn about them by observing their hilarious interactions with you and each other. Two to four llama guides from the castle will join you.

For your wedding, you can place the castle’s fluffy, life-sized toy llamas in the entryway for guests to enjoy.

And for your processional, real-live llamas, one or more, can accompany the bride, or follow the bridesmaids down the aisle.

During your cocktail hour, one or more of the llamas can entertain your guests by posing for photos and selfies in a Meet & Greet session!

 As a cocktail hour option, up to 100 guests can join the llamas in the castle barn to learn about and photograph the llamas.

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