Llamas at Weddings

Seven beautiful llamas live at Castle Waterford. Together, they represent all the countries of the world where llamas hail from. For twelve years, they have been delighting guests who travel from all over the U.S. to participate in trail walks and educational sessions under the company name ShangriLlama. You can include these mesmerizing llamas in your wedding festivities to create joyful memories.

In the Processional

A pampered, pedigreed llama will accompany your bridal party down the aisle at Castle Waterford.


Priced at $250.

Llama Meet & Greet

During the Cocktail Hour

Invite your guests to the castle barn to learn about and photograph the castle llamas during your cocktail hour, so that you don’t have to rush through your bridal photo session!


Priced at $250.

For the Bridal Party

Celebrate your upcoming wedding with a bachelorette or bachelor party by taking a walk with the llamas on the castle’s private Enchanted Forest Trail. During your 2.5-hour adventure, you will walk each llama in the pack and learn about llamas from head to toe.


Priced at $50 per person and available from November through April.

Life-sized Llama Decorations

As part of your wedding decorations, you can rent two of the castle’s fluffy, life-sized statue llamas, which were hand-crafted in Peru for Castle Waterford from baby alpaca wool.


 Priced at $50 each.