Harry Potter Weddings

Represent your Hogwarts house colors as your wedding colors. Use flickering, tall candelabras as your centerpieces at long rows of tables. 

For the cocktail hour, create a Honey Duke’s Sweet Shop, and serve Butter Beer. 

For dinner, provide roast beef, bouillabaisse, roasted potatoes, Brussel’s sprouts, Yorkshire pudding, and a treacle tart. Or opt for small-bites stations with corned beef slicers, meatballs with onion sauce, assorted pasties, sausage slices, assorted “rabbit food,” Cauldron Cakes and chocolate gateau.

For after-dinner drinks, serve Felix Felicis for “liquid luck.” As entertainment, provide a photo booth with robes and round glasses, wands and lightning bolts, a broom and a black cauldron, an owl and a Golden Snitch.

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