Game of Thrones Weddings

The artistic, stone interior walls and hand-scraped floors of Castle Waterford set the stage for a “Game of Thrones”-themed wedding. 


Serve a medieval dinner to guests seated on both sides of long tables, with the head table crossing one end. Use Castle Waterford’s elaborate throne chairs during dinner, reserved exclusively for the bride & groom, and included as part of your rental package. 

Serve your guests a magnificent medieval feast, consisting of a generous appetizer tray of assorted nuts, dried fruits, olives and assorted cheese, followed by a family style platter of roast chicken or roast beef, seasoned potato wedges, a hearty soup and a leafy salad.

For dessert, offer small cakes called Bryndons, which are soaked in honey and wine then topped with nuts. 

With an Alcohol Liability Contract, you can provide mead, specialty beers and flavored wines with dinner, or earlier at your cocktail hour.

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