Here are the details about Castle Waterford, inside and out, for planning purposes by brides,  wedding planners and vendors.

Castle Waterford’s Appearance

Exterior Décor

Castle Waterford is decorated with four turrets, a crenulated roof line, a drawbridge entry, artistically created exterior brickwork, and three exit doors hand-decorated with a rustic castle theme. 


Castle Waterford is located at a private residence, which is a replica Irish castle. This castle and the castle-themed event center are framed by mature trees.

The private, wooded Enchanted Forest Trail runs behind the event center, available for stunningly beautiful bridal photos during the cocktail hour.

A pack of pedigreed llamas live in the castle barn and play in the field that is visible to wedding guests. A heart-shaped pond sits between the castle-themed event center and the replica castle.

Interior Décor

Castle Waterford features ten picture windows facing a replica Irish castle. The venue’s walls are artistically decorated with stone, while the floor has a hand-etched wood look.

Five chandeliers in a row are installed down the center of the venue. The shape of these chandeliers is reminiscent of a Tutor rose and match the wall sconces.

General FAQ


There are three requirements by all venue insurance companies before alcohol can be served at weddings: 

l) An Alcohol Liability Policy for $2 million must be purchased by the bartender, with The Venue listed as “Additional Insured,” and the bartender must provide a copy of the policy to The Venue. 

2) The bartender must hold a valid license from the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC) and provide a copy of this license to The Venue. 

3) Two licensed security officers must be present from 30 minutes prior to alcohol being served until one hour following the last alcoholic drink being served.



Bride’s Suite

For exclusive use by Castle Waterford brides and their bridal party, the bride’s suite is outfitted with wall-to-wall mirrors, a continuous makeup counter with # backless stools, # makeup mirrors, # wall outlets, a gown rack, bouquet shelves, and a Keurig with coffee and tea. 

There is an en suite bathroom in the bride’s suite equipped with # outlets and a makeup mirror. 

Following the wedding ceremony, the en suite bathroom is unlocked from the outside of the bride’s suite for use by female guests.

The bridal party retains complete, private access to the suite and can easily access the bathroom via an interior door. The suite’s entry door has a keypad lock, with a code that the Day-Of Wedding Coordinator will provide. 

For more than five bridesmaids, Castle Waterford recommends rental of a mobile wedding salon (name of company). 

Capacity of Venue

Castle Waterford has been designed to seat a maximum of 200 guests.


Up to 200 gold, padded, metal Chiavarri chairs are included with each rental.

These chairs measure 35.5-inches tall at the back. The seat height, unpadded, is 16.5-inches tall. The foam seat pad measures 1.75-inch tall and is attached with white Velcro.


The center of The Venue is lined with five chandeliers in a shape reminiscent of a Tutor rose.

includes nine LED candelabra bulbs, which flicker like real candles. The chandeliers are not dimmable, but the # white can lights in the ceiling—which provide the majority of The Venue’s lighting—are dimmable. The Venue’s facilities staff will operate the light switches.

Deposit Amount

To reserve Castle Waterford for a particular date, the Bride will pay The Venue a deposit equal to one-quarter of The Venue’s total rental fee, which for 2020 is $1,700. This deposit amount is non-refundable, because it removes The Bride’s chosen date from The Venue’s calendar. If The Bride desires to reschedule her wedding date after she has paid her deposit, then a new deposit is required to hold that date exclusively for The Bride.